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PLEASE READ: Released in late November 2022, this is an updated version of the on-demand MLS Basic course. Please enroll in this class if you are a new subscriber and did not already begin (or do not wish to resume) the previous version here at the Stellar University.

Returning Subscribers: If you were enrolled in the previous on-demand version of MLS Basic but did not complete it, you may return and resume where you left off. However, the previous version will be removed as of December 31, 2021. If you do not have too much time invested, or are unable to complete the previous course before its removal deadline, please enroll and complete this updated class instead.

The course will focus on Stellar MLS annual billing for Assistants. In addition, it will include an overview of Annual Billing Timelines, what’s happening with Annual Billing, FCAR Billing, Assistant Billing, and a demo of the Payment Portal.