This class is mandatory for agents who will be adding and modifying listings in the MLS, but all agents are welcomed and encouraged to take the class.

This class will show agents how to input and modify listings, enter photos, and add attachments.  The class will also share other valuable tips and techniques in the listing entry process.

Instructions: Follow each step in this outline from top to bottom. 

  1. Click on the course content to open and review
  2. Complete all content and answer all questions throughout the course. 
  3. Once finished, download your Certificate of Completion. 
  4. Optionally, take the End of Course Evaluation in the last step.


Note: The running time of the online class can potentially be longer than the running time of an in-person class.  This is necessary to give you the convenience of viewing videos and walking through steps at your own pace, but keeping each lesson complete.

Course Completion & Attendance Processing
Please allow ample time to complete the MLS Required Classes. Upon successful completion of this class please be advised to wait up to 2 business days for your attendance to be fully processed.  At that time, you will receive a completion email confirming the required course has been processed.  There is no need to contact Stellar MLS as your attendance is automatically processed. If your Add/Edit access is suspended for education requirements it will automatically be reactivated once processing is complete.  Thank you.

Help with Search courses
Join us for a tour of the Builders Update Agent portal. We will discuss how to search for new construction homes and connect with homebuilders. You will gain new insights into the tools we offer, such as the New Home Spotlight, that allow you to market new construction homes to your customers and prospects.
The main reason your buyers postpone their homeownership dream? Saving for a down payment. But there are valuable programs to help today’s buyers. Learn the basics about the three most common types of homeownership programs, how to find out who offers this help, and what’s available across the country–and right in your backyard! Join us and take the first step towards educating more of your sidelined buyers about these opportunities.
Who is your Flood Expert? Flood zone errors and confusion are rampant and Real Estate Agents need to know what information they can really count on! Learn about Accurate Flood Zone Determinations and how they help Agents eliminate risk of liability, reduce flood insurance premiums for homeowners, buyers and sellers, remove properties from High Risk Flood Zones, and increase buyer activity for "low risk" properties in High Risk Flood Zones.